The Site of the Commanding Post of the Chinese People's Volunteers

5_05.jpgThe Site of the Commanding Post of the Chinese People's Volunteers (CPV) covers an area of 746.35 square meters including a usable floor area of 455.6 square meters with a reinforced underground concrete structure. The plane of the post shows in a concave shape with a layer of sealing soil on the top and a one-meter-deep explosion-proof layer underneath. There are 12 rooms inside which are built with floors, tapestries and facilities of lighting, ventilation and heating.

It is the only military commanding post in China built for Commander and Political Commissar Peng Dehuai of the CPV during the War to Resist US 

Aggression and Aid Korea for the purpose of commanding the troops on the front for the leading organ of the CPV. On Oct. 19th, 1950, only 12 days after taking office, Peng Dehuai took the lead to cross the Yalu River and commanded the operations directly in DPRK. Thus, the commanding post had not been used until the follow-up units of the CPV leading organ came. During the war, the commanding post was used as a standby for the CPV in rear areas and later in the war, the antiaircraft artillery unit once guarding the Andong Yalu River Bridge garrisoned at the post. 

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